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The 28 Day Alcohol-Free Challenge, Let's Do This 2 Books Collection Set

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The 28 Day Alcohol-Free Challenge, Let's Do This 2 Books Collection Set:

The 28 Day Alcohol-Free Challenge:
An illustrated day-by-day guide packed with inspiration and practical help, The 28 Day Alcohol-Free Challenge is the only book you need to reset your drinking habits and discover a hangover-free world of quality time to achieve your goals. Drawing on their own experiences of ditching the drink, and bringing together the collective experience of the thousands of people they have helped, Andy and Ruari bring you unparalleled insight into how you can make your break from alcohol an empowering, life-changing experience.

Let's Do This!:
Let's Do This! .is the motivation playbook for any type of personal change, from losing 10lbs to stepping up in your career to running a half-marathon. The difference between succeeding and giving up comes down to your level of motivation in other words how much it really matters to you.In this unapologetically positive book, Andy Ramage, who transformed his own life step by step, explains the different types of motivation and the tools you need to both to make a change and make it last. And then he shows you how to create your own plan for change and how to deal with all those annoying obstacles along the way (I can't be bothered, I'll start on Monday, I don't have enough time...).